Issue 94, September 1998

This issue marked the centenary of the Reconquest of the Sudan by Kitchener

Captain Thomas H. Healey by David Murray

An Egypt Medal without clasp by John Sly

The Sudan Military Railway by Ralph Moore-Morris

The Lincoln's at the Atbara by David G. Nalson

Interlude at Darmali by David Murray

On This Day, 2 September 1898 by Ralph Moore-Morris

Lt. Col. H. T. Crispin, Sussex Regt. by Cliff Fuller

The Blue Nile by Archie Hunter

The Khalifa's Last Stand by Ralph Moore-Morris

The Last of the Mahdists by Edwin Herbert

A Note on British Officers by Henry Keown-Boyd

Cover Illustration: Charge of the 21st Lancers - A Second Balaclava Charge, Battle of Omdurman, 2 September 1898, (Home uniforms have been retained). Lithographic print by G.W. Bacon & Co. London c.1898-9. Kind permission of the Ralph Moore-Morris

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