Eyewitness to War

Author: John Butler
Publisher: Leonaur Ltd (January 2007)
ISBN-10: 1846771463
Author: A.R.D Mackenzie
Publisher: Leonaur Ltd (January 2007)
ISBN-10: 1846770394

This is a new publisher to me, and both books are part of a series ‘Eyewitness to War'. The first book, on the Burma war of 1824-26 also contains a 21 page section which the publishers have ‘adapted' from Lovett & McMunn's Armies of India and an 11 page memoir by George Pridmore from their publication Tommy Atkins' War Stories. They have nothing to do with Burma and can only have been included as fillers.

Both books contain only the original text without any introduction or background which reduces their use to the general reader and there are no illustrations or maps. They are, however, reasonably priced and a useful addition to a library. Further titles in this series, mostly not connected with India, can be inspected on the Leonaur website.

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